Water, flour, sourdough, eggs, yeast, sugar and lard. Nothing more, nothing less. These are the basic ingredients of the undoubted queen of traditional pastry of Mallorca: the ensaimada. But be careful: this snail-shaped bun can turn you crazy.

Either in large format (those huge boxes that invade the planes which depart from the island towards half of the world) or in a smaller version, the ensaimada causes addiction. That is why we have decided to investigate thoroughly until we have finally come up with the following 5 places in Mallorca where to find the perfect ensaimada.

Can Joan de S’Aigo  

We start with a classic in every sense. A workshop founded in 1700 by the pastry chef who gives it its name (Joan de S’Aigo), which has become one of the most famous restaurants on the island and has two more branches in the Mallorcan capital. They are specialists in individual ensaimadas, served warm and in a hot plate: filled with cream, with apricots, whipped cream and even “tallades”, those typical ensaimadas prepared for carnival season that, instead of being stuffed, they have sobrasada and pumpkin sweet. It is recommended to accompany them with their homemade almond ice cream. Not in vain, Mr. S’Aigo began making the so-called “panes de nieve” (Literally translated, “Snow bread”) with ice collected from the Sierra de Tramuntana. Oh! If you want to take away one of the ensaimadas, you better order it with -at least- a couple of days in advance.

(Can Sanc, 10. Palma)

Horno Santo Cristo

Founded by the Coll family in 1910, the Horno Santo Cristo has become one of the most emblematic businesses in Palma de Mallorca. They have two branches in the historic center of the city. The owners had to obtain the blessing of the Bishopric to register the name of their furnace. And that is because their ensaimadas are known by half the planet; among other things, thanks to the fact that, since 1960, they began distributing them by hand to the best hotels in the city. Nowadays, you can even order their ensaimadas -and other products- through the online store.

where to find the perfect ensaimada

(Carrer de San Miguel, 47 and Calle Paraires, 2. Palma)

Forn de Es Pont

Another Mallorcan classic that cannot be missed in our hunt for the perfect ensaimada. The Forn de Es Pont stands out above all for a wide variety of specialties. And also because the Regulatory Board of the Protected Geographical Indication has given this Mallorcan sweet the maximum possible score to the ensaimadas of “cabello de ángel” (pumpkin sweet). Open since 1964, this establishment also has a website where its varieties are detailed with great luxury and where orders can be made up to 36 hours in advance.

where to find the perfect ensaimada

(Camí de la Vileta, 121. Palma)

Forn de Sant Francesc

Not all the great Mallorcan ensaimadas can be tasted in the capital. We move to the interior of the island, to the town of Inca, to taste the one that won the Best ensaimada of the World award in the first edition of this award, which was held in 2017 with the collaboration of the “Associació de Forners i Pastissers”, among other entities. The star of the show these days is the ensaimada made with “Kinder” chocolate, elaborated with care by its current owner, Joan Seguí.

where to find the perfect ensaimada

(San Francisco, 126. Inca)

Forn i Pastisseria Gelabert

Our thorough and careful search to find the perfect ensaimada could only end with the current official champion. The one that won the award for the Best Ensaimada of the World in its second edition, that of 2018. An -until now- very little known establishment in the tiny town of Llubí (very close to Inca), which is destined to become the main place of pilgrimage for people with a sweet tooth. It is run by Antònia Gelaber, granddaughter of Jaume, who opened the business 80 years ago, in 1938.

where to find the perfect ensaimada

(Carrer la Carretera, 61. Llubí)

And in case anyone is still hungry, we can recommend 5 other places to find something very similar to the perfect ensaimada: Can Tofolet and its almond ensaimada, in Llucmajor; ensaimada of toasted cream in Can Marroig (Sóller); the individual ones (or breakfast ones) that we can find in Campomar (Peguet); the delicious chocolate ensaimada of Reina María Cristina (Palma); or those of the Forn d’Es Casino of Banyalbufar. Enjoy!

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