Attention please, a question: if you had to choose one day of the week, which one would you choose? Surely a very high percentage will answer that they’d choose Friday, Saturday or Sunday. As soon as the weekend approaches the whole family starts to smile because we all know that we have more than 48 hours at our disposal to enjoy this wonderful island. So tell your loves ones and take note, the best ideas for a family weekend in Mallorca. Let’s begin!

For sea-loving families

family weekend in Mallorca_Marineland

There are endless activities related to the sea to which you can sign up to and spend a fun weekend with your family in Mallorca. Saturday may well be the popular choice to spend between water slides, fast descents, hydro-tubes, kamikaze ramps, wave pools, multi-jet fountains and even giant dragons. Aqualand (in El Arenal), Hidropark (in Alcudia) and the Western Water Park (in Magaluf ) are three of the best water parks on the island.

Obviously, after so much adrenaline, on Sunday the body will ask for a more relaxed activity, so our family proposal goes to Marineland, a park where its 7 dolphins perform two daily exhibitions (at 12PM and 16PM) or Palma Aquarium, the best place for old and young to get to know the secrets hidden in the deep seas and, of course, its spectacular inhabitants.

For adventurous families

family weekend in Mallorca_Forestal Park

If you are more of a ‘dry land’ fan, there are still many different family plans that the island has to offer. Kathmandu Park claims to be one of the best theme parks in Spain.

Located in Calviá, there are attractions for children of all ages, the ones that stand out being “The House”, “The Asylum”, a 4D Experience Cinema and a series of laser guns to fight zombies and other inhabitants of the beyond.

Near the beach of Santa Ponsa, Jungle Parc offers a pioneer acrobatic forest tour on the island with circuits for children as young as 4 years of age and other routes that adults can do with their children. Also “Forestal Park” will spread adrenaline among your entire clan, as it has the longest ziplines in all of Mallorca, with more than 200 meters in length. Meanwhile “Palma Jump” guarantee you a healthy leisure park in the first indoor trampoline park for the whole family. Ready to bounce without limit?

For environmental families

family weekend in Mallorca_National Park of Cabrera


Children and nature: the perfect combination for the weekend! If you are looking for that win-win situation in “Botanicactus” you will find the perfect place. There you can see plants and trees from across the world in one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe.

And for something that involves more movement, located in the Sierra de Tramuntana, the Puig de Galatxó Reserve has a 3.7 km route where you can enjoy incredible views at over 1,000 meters of altitude. Another hit in your list of family plans will be visiting the National Park of Cabrera, an area that has been protected since the year 1991, located in the neighboring island that conserves 100% of its rural character. Other emblematic excursions that you can make on the weekends – and best of all, you can visit these places all year round – are trips to the natural park of S’Albufera, Cala Estellenc or Ses Fonts des Ufanes, where children can be involved in direct contact with nature.

For speleologist families

family weekend in Mallorca_Cuevas del Drach

The caves of Mallorca hide a lot of magical landscapes in which children, parents and grandparents can live unforgettable adventures together. Another point in favor of the caves is that they can be visited at any time of the year. Immerse yourselves in those of Campanet , located on the southern slope of the Monte de Sant Miquel, where you will be amazed by the stalactites and stalagmites with more than three meters in length.

But caves located in the north of the Sierra de Tramuntana are not the only ones  recommended for a visit on the weekend with the whole family; The geography of Mallorca has other caves of incredible attractiveness such as the Caves of Genoa, those of Arta, Dels Hams or the well-known Cuevas del Drach. Enter without fear; you will not regret the visit!

For families who love animals

family weekend in Mallorca_Safari Zoo of Mallorca

Giraffes, zebras, flamingos, elephants..More than 600 species from the animal kingdom are gathered in the Safari-Zoo of Mallorca. The most attractive thing about this place is that you can travel the more than 3 kilometers of park in your own car or inside the Safari Train. Prepare your cameras because the tame but adventurous zoo monkeys will dare to get to your vehicle! Also in the center of the island you can live unforgettable moments with your family, surrounded by animals and you will enjoy the experience of feeding parrots, visiting a dark cave to see how the bats live or attending the ‘animal nursery’ in the Zoo Natura Parc.

As you can see, there are thousands of plans to which you can resort if you want to spend a fun weekend with the family in Mallorca. Choose one according to your family’s preferences and…enjoy!

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