Although he was born in Barcelona and grew up as an artist in Paris, Majorca and Joan Miró were bonded forever since the virtuoso artist fell in love with an islander and with the island itself, where he finally lived since 1956 until his passing on 25th of December in 1983. Years before, in 1968, he was already being called adopted child of Palma. His artistic mark and legacy in Majorca are extremely important and definitely worth being remembered and visited.

The close bond of Joan Miró and Majorca started in 1929 when, at the age of 36, he married the Majorcan Pilar Juncosa in Palma. Although it would take almost 30 years to establish his permanent residence at the capital, a part of his work, like the series of paintings “Constelaciones”, is inspired by his adored island. Once settled in the city, he assigned the architect and friend Josep Lluis Sert the building of his workshop.

Majorca and Joan Miró_workshop Sert

This workshop, or workshop Sert, and another one known as Son Boter which was constructed in a traditional Majorcan house, where donated to the city of Palma by Joan Miró and his wife in 1981. In 1992, the building that since then was home to a large part of his art collection, designed by the famous architect Rafael Moneo was added to the donation. These three places are situated in a privileged location in the city on a hill surrounded by gardens with sea view. Thus, the area of these gardens was added to the complex, composing the final Collección permanente de la Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró which in 2017 changed its name to Miró Mallorca FundacióThis complex is home to 6,000 pieces and is without a doubt, one of the most important artistic contemporary sites worldwide.

Majorca and Joan Miró

In the two workshops one can examine decades of unfinished paintings, work coats of the artist and also every kind of images pinned with pushpins at the walls that served as an inspiration for the maestro, as well as some of the rooms of the family. The Moneo building accommodates a spectacular collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, graphic works and other pieces related to Joan Miró. During the last decades, the collection has been extended by works of different artist as homage to the maestro Miró. In the garden, situated at the entrance of the foundation, one can find a series of sculptures perfectly integrated within the natural surroundings. Since February 2018, the foundation also exhibits an exposition called Miró, a savage spirit which has already been exhibited in Seoul, Bologna and Turin. It explores the origin and inspiration of his work and dedicates an important part to the artistic and emotional relation of Majorca and Joan Miró. The opening times and prices of a visit of the Miró Mallorca Fundació can be consulted at its website.

Majorca and Joan Miró_Es Baluard


Nevertheless, the close relationship between Majorca and Joan Miró does not end at the foundation in the slightest. One can discover several of his works at the famous Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Palma, also known as Es Baluard. One can find Miró’s work as well at the Museo Fundació Juan March, enclosed by art of other Spanish genius of the first avant-garde like Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris or Salvador Dalí. The foundation as well as these two museums are open to free visits on specific dates.

Majorca and Joan Miró_sculptures Palacio Real de la Almudaina

Palma’s streets itself reflect the perfect integration of Majorca and Joan Miró: one can find paths of sculptures just at the foot of the Palacio Real de la Almudaina and in Avenida Jaime III (very close to Passeig Mallorca); as well as an enormous mosaic at Parc del Mar. In addition to this, since May 2017 one can visit 12 bronze sculptures donated by the family Miró to the royal family for their collocation in the garden at their summer residence in Palma, the Palacio de Marivent. This public garden is open the whole year except in summer from 15th of July until 15th of September and except 15 days of Eastern.

As we could see, the artistic and sentimental link and mutual inspiration between Majorca and Joan Miró is fruitful and very close. Every visitor of the island should dive as much as possible into this pictorial relationship.

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