If you need inspiration, think of Deià

Completely forget about the image of Mallorca that some news sometimes offers us: that place where thousands of tourists concur at the same time on its beaches and facilities. There is another, much more idyllic -and real-, Mallorca, full of small and picturesque places of authentic rural flavor. On this occasion we visit Deià, and let our senses enjoy take in the essence of one of the most beautiful villages, not only of Mallorca, but of all of Spain.

Located in the west side of the island, sheltered by the beautiful mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana, the coordinates 39°45’00” N and 2°37’59” E  will take you to Deià, a Mediterranean dream made village. Either by car (distance no longer than 50 min through the Ma-10 from the capital) or by public transport (bus line 210 crosses the most important sites in the area from Palma), You must put this town on the list of necessary visits when in Mallorca. Be careful if you choose your own vehicle to get there, because to park there during summer can be a bit tricky.

visit Deià_Sierra of Tramuntana

Deià is one of those places in the Balearic Islands that will leave you speechless. A big part of its beauty lies in its privileged location, limiting with the also spectacular villages of Sóller, Valldemossa and Buñola. Its name comes from “daia” meaning village, and honoring the fact that it has barely 800 registered inhabitants. In times of Muslim domination there was already a sophisticated irrigation and drainage system that is still used today. During the 13th century, 3 Catholic monasteries were built in its surroundings, among them the one founded by Ramón Llull in 1276. Three centuries later, Felipe II granted him the administrative separation of Valldemossa.

visit Deià_Deià, village of Mallorca

Throughout the last century, Deià has been chosen as a place of rest and residence for numerous writers, musicians and artists. Its landscape, full of olive trees, oaks and citrus has been a source of inspiration to all of them. The town’s bohemian flavor has conquered, amongst others, Manuel de Falla, Santiago Rusiñol, Ulrich Leman, Mike Oldfield, Andrew Lloyd Webber, William Walder and the most illustrious of his neighbors, Robert Graves, a writer who was inspired by Deià to write what was his most famous book: “Yo, Claudio”. His house can be visited and his furniture, personal memories, photo books of literary are still preserved, and it is also a good example of what the typical Majorcan houses look like.

Being located in the middle of the mountains and having a rugged relief, the hiking trails in Deià are especially  recommended for this area: the path that leads to the Monastery of Miramar and the one that ends in Sa Foradada – a picturesque peninsula with a spectacular viewpoint – are especially recommended. The paths and tracks that abound in the surrounding also make it an enclave ideal for bike lovers.

visit Deià_Sa Foradada

And if we wake the hikers appetite, the restoration offer is simply amazing. S’Hortet ( to enjoy the best products from the Mallorcan kitchen garden), Es Racó d’es Teix (awarded with a Michelin star and located at the top of the mountain); Sebastian (and its delicious Mediterranean and Asian fusion); C’as Patro March (more informal than the aforementioned); or Xelini (with a terrace perfect  to eat some tapas). To make a stop along the way and have a snack: the Café Miró (from where to contemplate the extreme beauty of the island) or the Café Sa Fonda (with live music). And after the tasting of local products we go to the purchase of these; en For, a gourmet store located in the heart of the town, there you can buy the best gastronomic souvenirs.

One of the cultural claims of the town is the Deia International Music Festival, which in 2018 celebrated its 40th edition, confirmed as one of the best proposals across the island to enjoy live music. It is precisely in Son Marroig in (the huge estate-palace where the archduke Luis Salvador spent his days fighting to preserve local history) where the concerts of this event are held. Another essential place in your photo album when you pass through Deià is the Church of San Juan Bautista, located in the highest area of the town, and one of the best corners to take a nice selfie. You can also look back and admire the rich prehistoric past of the area in the Archaeological Museum of Deià.

visit Deià_Son Marroig

We could not finish our walk through this singular village without once again discovering that Mediterranean Sea which we love so much. Cala Deià (only 5 kilometers from the town center) is a rocky bay with turquoise waters where you can spend hours and hours enjoying the benefits of water, and Lluc Alcari, a beach somewhat further away from Deià, which can only be reached by foot or by boat. Both references will guarantee you a refreshing and enviable dip.

visit Deià_Cala Deià

With all this, Deià is a peaceful oasis where the rural environment, crafts and visual arts are perfectly combined with those visitors looking for places where peace reigns. Ready to disconnect in one of the most beautiful villages of Mallorca?

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