Where the land ends and the sea begins, there is the Cap Blanc of Mallorca. A place as magical as earthly, since it is where everything starts and everything ends; where the beautiful island of Mallorca meets the Mediterranean Sea;  where one feels very big and at the same time very small; where the days stretches to infinity and the light becomes eternal. Ready to meet the wildest corner of the Balearic Islands?

It is located in Llucmajor, one of the most interesting geographical points of Mallorca. Just 30 kilometers away from the capital of the island, on the Ma-6014, the Cap Blanc fascinates its visitors as it is one of the steepest coasts of the Mallorcan coast and, without a doubt, one of the most incredible and impactful cliffs on the island. This cape closes out on its east side the bay of Palma (having on its opposite side the end of Cala Figuera), and part of the calcareous platform known as Marina Llucmajor. The flat, wild and stony surface that occupies most of this area contrasts with the vertiginous walls. In its garrigue landscape (low forest) there are reptiles and small mammals.

Cap Blanc of Mallorca_Cala Figuera

The emblem of Cap Blanc is its beacon -with a tower that is 12 meters high – that was built in 1862 and inaugurated a year later. Still in operation, it was designed by Emilio Pou, the creator of more than 20 lighthouses throughout the whole of the Balearic Islands. Although it seemed incredible because of the steepness of this area, it was one of the lighthouses that had a supply boat and came to use a road that ran along the cliff itself to raise the fuel to the lighthouse. It is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful lighthouses out of the fourteen in Mallorca.

Cap Blanc of Mallorca_lighthouse Cap Blanc

Another of the gifts offered by the Cap Blanc to anyone who comes there is to be able to enjoy a sunset from almost 100 meters of height. Sitting there to watch the sunset is one of the most relaxing activities you can do in Mallorca. A blanket to sit, something to nibble, something to drink and let yourself go without looking at the clock, since the sun will be the one in charge to shorten or lengthen the minutes. Pure magic!

Barely 300 meters from the lighthouse is the battery of Cap Blanc coast: a series of dark and narrow secret passages, which belonged to a military battery and can still be visited (interesting to take a flashlight to enter them safely). You can also see the barracks and the place where they hid the four imposing Vickers cannons of 30 centimeters in diameter that point south (today dismantled), they went ashore from the port of S’Estanyol in the middle of Last century.

Cap Blanc of Mallorca

In addition, continuing with military ruins, just 3 kilometers from Cap Blanc is Punta Llobera (in Cap Roig) where you can shake with the most spectacular bunker in the whole area. To access it you will have to ask for permission to the owners of El Refugio del Águila , a bar / restaurant where you can savor a delicious pa amb oli and where authenticity is breathed on all four sides. Season this lunch (or one of their delicious salads) with the sunset and you will remember this snack for the rest of your life.

Towards the other side of the cape, a path is drawn that runs along the edge of the sea, which goes from the lighthouse to Cala Pi (be careful, about 13 kilometers between both ways). This road (paved, of some difficulty, but with incredible views over the Mediterranean Sea) passes through the Defense Tower of the Cap Blanc (built in the sixteenth century when Mallorca was under the danger of Muslim incursions) and also by the Cala Beltran (a geographical phenomenon that seems a bay more than the mouth of a river).

But there’s nothing better than going for a swim at the beach of Cala Pi, which adapted the name of the torrent that flows there. Small, fine sand and little unevenness, highlight the bright colors of its crystal-clear waters. During the walk, in addition to continue being amazed by the walls of the cliffs, the visitor will find remains of military buildings, old abandoned houses and karstic grottos modeled by wind and water… and at the end of the whole, the defense tower that takes the same name as the bay.

Cap Blanc of Mallorca_Cala Pi

So, the cliffs that mark the end of the coast of Llucmajor in his encounter with the Mediterranean is a must-see and one of the best corners in the world to get that picture on which to write ”I was also there”.

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