Lover of strong emotions, self-improvement, adrenaline rush and extreme sports? Climbing is a sport practice that involves making ascents on steep slopes and rocky walls in which both physical strength and mental resistance are combined. Mallorca is a paradise to carry out any type of climbing, but there are places which are a must and are set as a reference for any climber. Should we follow this route to get to know the best climbing areas in Mallorca?

climbing in Mallorca_Travellost

The Mediterranean climate, the calcareous rock that abounds in the island and the multitude of climbing areas that exit make Mallorca one of the most fashionable destinations for the practice of this sport discipline. Thus, it is an ideal destination for the practice of classical climbing (the most common and in which vertical walls are climbed using recoverable security means that are introduced in artificial or natural anchors), sport climbing (a variant of traditional climbing focused on overcoming the maximum difficulty with fixed anchors in the wall to provide more security to this modality) and also the psicobloc (modality that consists of climbing without ropes over the water, taking advantage of this element to cushion the possible falls and to be able to do thus blocks of greater height).

Undoubtedly, it is the Sierra de Tramuntana where the largest number of roads belonging to many “schools” are concentrated due to its unique and rocky orography. The “schools” are those places that have been enabled for the practice of climbing. All these points and locations are suitable for climbing but one of the best areas of the whole island is Fraguels in Bunyola. With more than 70 routes between 5 and 9 degrees, it is one of the favorites for climbers because it has incredible vertical plates, short resistance routes and also slightly collapsed plates.

climbing in Mallorca_Puig Major

Not far from there we find Sa Gubia (also in Bunyola), with all kinds of routes and paths of very varied difficulty. On the other hand, Puig de Garrafa -very close to Andratx- has grades ranging from 5 to 8, its visit is recommended throughout the year, except for the summer months. In the middle of the Tramuntana we cannot ignore the Castell d’Alaró, an area that is gaining fame, with good limestone and spectacular formations. Without leaving the north of the island and near the town of Escorca we highlight the following points: Galilea, Puig Major and Es Gorg Blau, one of the best areas to climb in Mallorca in summer as it is at altitude and has very varied roads a das on good limestone rock.

Calviá, to the south of the Tramuntana, is also a very recommendable area for the initiation, but we must not forget other points of the island very interesting for the practice of the escalation in Mallorca such as Sa Taulera, Puig de Sant Martí, the Hermitage of Betlem, Salt de la Bella Dona (with collapsed roads and northwest orientation), Es Grau des Ruc, Es Verguer, Can Ortigues and Colonia de Sant Pere.

Climbing in Mallorca_Cala Magraner

And climbing near the sea and being able to feel the breeze up close in your body as you ascend and surpass your previous achievement? Don´t you think this sounds extremely interesting? Well, write down these points because they are some of the best climbing areas in Mallorca where you can soak in the Mediterranean breeze: Port de Valldemossa (with four sectors and routes with abundant drops of water and ruts), Cala Magraner (for climbers not very initiated and some of the 30 routes with the foot in the own border of the little busy beach), Sa Creueta (with a spur of more than 200 meters of plummeting) and Son Txanquet (in Pollença and with 25 ideal routes to enjoy outside the hottest months).

Climbing in Mallorca

If you are bitten by the bug and want to start climbing walls as if you were in the skin of a squirrel, there are companies that offer courses for beginners and also for advanced climbersMon d’AventuraRock&Water,and Explora Mallorca, these are three names of reference in the world of Mallorcan adventure sports, where they will not only teach you how to climb the most exciting and vertical walls (or take your first steps in this exciting discipline), but you can also rent all the necessary equipment for your practice. And to be the last test with an App where you will find roads maps and all the information of the best climbing schools in the entire Balearic Islands.

Because of all the above, Mallorca is considered a paradise to practice extreme sports and any of the climbing modalities that exit; a sport to squeeze it to the limit and take out of it balance, strength, flexibility, socialization and mind control. Do you dare to climb a wall during your next Mallorcan holiday?