Go back to the past, know the history of the island, know a little more about the Fortress of La Mola and discover the most amazing corners that hide behind those walls.

Keep reading if you want to go back to the XIX century and know every secret of one of the greatest European fortresses located on the island of Menorca.

The history of La Mola

The fortress of La Mola or also known as the Fortress of Isabel II was built between 1848 and 1875 with the aim of defending the island from the British. This strength had a privileged place for the English, since from there they could dominate the maritime routes.

Fortress of La Mola

The construction of La Mola lasted longer than expected and by the time its artillery was inaugurated, it was already obsolete but thanks to the technological revolution it was able to be perfected.

The fortress is kept in perfect conditions because it has never been attacked, so we can contemplate all its corners without having to leave anything to the imagination.

Live the fortress

Visiting the fortress is a mandatory stop, a tourist claim that cannot be missing in your travel planning.

One of the reasons why you have to go to La Mola is because of the views, the viewpoints that you can find inside the fortress will leave you perplexed. Some of the most beautiful viewpoints are:

– The viewpoint of Puerta de la Reina, where you can see the Castle of San Felipe.

– The viewpoint of the tower fo the princess, from here you can see the entire coast of Mahón.

– The vickers canyon, which is the highest point and in addition to the cliffs that can be seen from there, you will also see from the island of the air to the Faro de Favàritx.

Fortress of La Mola

Cliffs, panoramic views… you will not stop taking pictures.

You can live the fortress in several ways, but you have to keep in mind that if you want to see the whole Mola the time you do is very important. The high temperatures will make a visit very difficult, so we recommend you go when the temperatures are not too high.

I want to visit the fortress of La Mola!

Finding La Mola is not difficult, it is located in the north of the island, very close to Mahón. You can easily find it by just following the signs.

It is necessary to bear in mind before going there, that this visit will take you approximately two hours and as we have said before, we recommend making the visit on a day when it is not too hot.

Fortress of La Mola

The price of the visit in general admission is 8 € and if you prefer to be told the story and the secrets that are hidden by the walls of the fortress, you better buy the guided tour for an extra 3 €.

If you cannot see the whole of La Mola you can divide it into two zones:

– The fortified area where you will see the defensive fronts, the underground galleries and the viewpoints.

– The Vickers zone where you will see the shooting cameras, the ammunition store or the loading of projectiles.

There is also a night visit that will be a unique experience for the colors of the sunset, if you want to live a different visit, this may be yours.

What to see near the Fortress of La Mola?

After moving to visit the Fortress of La Mola you can stay around and enjoy the many corners nearby. Some of the corners that we recommend are:

You can get lost in the streets of Mahón, the capital of Menorca, get to know the heritage and visit its port, the largest natural harbour in the world.

Talatí de Dalt

Located a few kilometers away you can find the Talatí de Dalta, a monument from 1300 BC, the ruins of a Talayotic village. If you want to visit it, the entrance for adults is 4 € and children under 8 years have free admission.

You can also take a bath in one of the coves that are very close to La Mola, Cala Sa Mesquida. This cove has white and fine sand, perfect to rest after visiting the fortress.

And to gather strength, we recommend the restaurant Cap Roig, also very close to Sa Mesquida.

You will be surprised by all the secrets that the Fortress of La Mola hides in its walls and the spectacular views that we will find from there, do not forget the camera to immortalize every corner.