If you go to Menorca there is a place that you cannot miss in your visit to the island, the port of the Menorcan capital, the port of Mahón. You can take a walk through its streets and contemplate the many yachts that moor there.

And after a walk through the harbor, we will for sure start feeling a little hungry, without moving from here we can find a lot of restaurants.

Come and discover the port of Mahon and where to eat to recover your strength.

The port of Mahón

The port of the capital of Menorca has nothing more and nothing less than 5 kilometers, is the largest natural port of the Mediterranean and the second in Europe. Thanks to its strategic location, right in the center of the Mediterranean, it has always been the epicenter of conquests and reconquests throughout history.

Near the port, on one of its shores we find the Fortress of La Mola, the Castle of San Felipe and the Lazaretto that was formerly intended for infectious patients.

Nowadays, the port is the stopover for numerous cruises, and ships that arrive from all over the world stop here to visit the island and spend a few days in Menorca.

The port of Mahón has a promenade full of terraces, restaurants and places to go for a drink. One of the best places to visit in Mahón.

The port of Mahón_Menorca

The best restaurants in the port of Mahón

After a walk around its 5 kilometers, you will surely be hungry, so we are going to recommend some restaurants that are good for licking your fingers.

Il Porto

We start with a restaurant called Il Porto, it is well known in Mahon for its delicious food. There, in your letter we can find meats, fresh fish, all types of pasta and desserts that will put the finishing touch to a heart attack dinner.

Average price: € 30

Star dish: Pizzas and desserts

Cachito Mahón

Cachito Mahón was founded in 1980 and has become a reference point in the port. They started serving typical island cheeses, pates and sausages but now offer homemade tapas, salads, daily specials and rations. And in winter they stop from the portions to the spoon dishes, perfect to alleviate the cold winter of the island.

Average price: € 20

Star dish: Rations

Latitud 40

If you want to snack, if you want to order something to share, choosing this restaurant is a success. In Latitud 40 you can find hamburgers, salads and as a star dish your tuna batter or the Steak Tartar that is to die for.

Also if you want to have a drink before leaving, this site will enchant you.

Average price: € 20

Star dish: Rations and cocktails

Maria Bonita Restaurant

This restaurant was born thanks to the chef Julian Richter and his wife Vanessa Savela, where flavors of different cultures are fused in the same dish. They recently opened the Maria Bonita restaurant but have managed to make it a mandatory stop when choosing a place to eat in the port.

Average price: € 40

Star dish: Tiradito de Salmón or Arepitas de queso with mushrooms and chipotle mayonnaise

But, where do we park?

You love the plan to go for a walk around the port of Mahón and have lunch or dinner there but you do not know where to leave the car if you are staying a little bit further away from the city center. Well, we are going to tell you the perfect place to leave your car and forget about it.

If you come from the center of Mahón we recommend that you park up the port, there is a large parking lot where there is always a free spot, or you can also leave it near the Esplanada which is a little bit further away but usually also has free spots.

If you are going for a walk around the port and try some of the dishes that we have recommended, tell us what you think. We will love to hear about it!