When you go on vacation for a couple for days, you want to enjoy the destination to the fullest, discover every corner, visit each of the sites that have the place you have chosen, but there are times you cannot see them all, do not worry, we can live Menorca with all 5 senses, you just have to let yourself go.

If you want to visit some of the most fantastic corners of the island and do it with each of your senses, stay and let’s get started.

Sight: Contemplate the cliffs of Cala Brut

Cala Brut, Menorca

To observe from the shore any beach on the island is something extraordinary, because of its turquoise waters, which are almost transparent, for the blue colors of the sky mixing with the water of its beaches, but if we have to choose only one place, we keep Cala Brut.

Cala Brut is different to all the other beaches that we find in Menorca, it does not have sand, it has large platforms of smooth stone at different heights from where we can jump into the water. It is magical to see how the rocks around this cove are bathed by the whitewater, it is a truly special and different sight.

You can find this small cove in the west of the island, very close to Ciudadela.

Taste: Try the stew of Sa Llagosta

Caldereta de Langosta, Menorca

Gastronomy is a very important part of the island, the typical flavors are marked by the fusion of rural flavors and seafood flavors. The result of this union are innumerable recipes that if you have the chance to try you will fall in love with Menorca even more.

One of the star recipes is the lobster stew, its ingredients are: lobster and a good stir-fry of vegetables, and so you leave nothing on the plate, it is served with slices of toast spread in garlic.

Your mouth will water when you try it, we’ll make sure.

Touch: bathe in the clay of Cala Cavalleria

Cala Cavalleria, Menorca

Menorca is characterized for having beaches of crystal clear water, but we can also find coves of reddish sand, one of these beaches is Cala Cavalleria, very famous for its mud baths.

This mud comes from the rocks that surround the cove and if they are made on your skin they say that your skin will stay soft for several days. It has not been scientifically proven, but putting the mud on our skin we assure you that it is a unique experience.

You can find this cove near the town of Es Mecadal.

Smell: smell the cheese on the island

Queso Mahón, Menorca

Very typical of the Balearic Islands is the ensaimada, the sobrasada and we cannot forget about the cheese, focusing on its smell and taste, of course.

The Mahón cheese is made with raw milk from the cattle farm, and using the “fogasser”, a cotton cloth that is used to shape the cheese.

This cheese is still made as it was years ago, that is why it is so well known, no matter what the current technological advances are, it has been done for many years and hence has its characteristic smell and flavor.

Hearing: listen to the Tramuntana wind in the Faro de Faváritx

Faro Favàritx, Menorca

In the middle of Albufera des Grau, far from everything, is the Faro de Favaritx, known for the black band that surrounds the lighthouse. But not only is it known for that, also for the sound of the Tramuntana wind that makes it become a spectacle for all our senses.

Being able to remain silent in front of the lighthouse and contemplate the landscape, while enjoying the Tramuntana soundtrack is something you will not be able to forget in a long time.

An experience that you will want to keep forever in your memory.

Come to Menorca, and discover the island with your five senses, we assure you that it will be the most incredible trip you can make.