We can go around Mallorca visiting its beaches, the wildest part of the island or eating the best traditional dishes, but we can also live it at night, having a drink right by the sea or enjoying the best music.


Come with us to enjoy the nightlife of Mallorca!


In Mallorca we can find several areas where you can have a drink or dance all night long, will you join us?


La Lonja

We start with the area of La Lonja, a place where we can find restaurants where we can go out for a quiet dinner or go for a drink in one of the bars or discos that we can find there.


This area is located in the old part of the island, and is named after the name given to the maritime exchange trade in the 15th century.


La Lonja is well known for its nightlife, but it is also the most famous area of the island to go for a drink during the day, as there is a fantastic atmosphere here at any time of the day. Here you can find restaurants as well as cafés, bars and clubs.


Plaça del Mercat

The Plaça del Mercat or Market Square is located in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, highly recommended if you want to enjoy good cocktails or go to places different from what you are used to.


You can try the best cocktails at the Nicolás bar, where as well as the most classic drinks you will also find the most original cocktails you have ever tasted on the menu.


Also very close to this bar you can find a clandestine place that few people know about, Tast Club, a restaurant that is hidden away and whose location is only known to those who have been there before. Just make a reservation before you show up at the door because you might not be able to find a seat.


Santa Catalina

If you want to dance until your feet hurt and listen to the best DJs all night long then we recommend that you don't miss the Brooklyn Club where you can find the best styles of music all combined to perfection by the resident DJs.


Located in the west of the island is Santa Catalina, one of the most atmospheric and fashionable neighbourhoods in Mallorca where you can find totally different lifestyles.


Seafront promenade

If you want to continue dancing you can't miss the famous Tito's, which opened its doors in 1923 and even after so many years is still one of the most stylish bars on the island. As soon as you enter, you'll find its famous red carpet, once trodden by Hollywood actors and actresses, where they went to dance to celebrate their successes.


Here you will feel like the real stars, and you will experience a night full of surprises.


Palma Beach

A few minutes from the centre is Playa de Palma, which stretches from Can Pastilla to S`Arenal, a long promenade full of cafes and restaurants where you can contemplate the sea while enjoying the best cuisine.


In this area at night you can have a drink or a snack in front of the sea, a real luxury.



Surely you are familiar with this area, because it is one of the best known party areas in Mallorca, for its luxury beach clubs and all the atmosphere you can find there.


Magaluf is located in the southwest of the island, in the municipality of Calvià. In the 1960s it was the British who found it a place to disconnect and enjoy the party, and today it is the British who consider Magaluf to be the party capital.


Get ready for a unique night on the island of Palma de Mallorca, are you coming?

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