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Club Deportivo

Because sport will make us free

The object of the Ferrer Hotels Sports Club is to further consolidate Ferrer Hotels as a chain committed to supporting local, national and international sport.

Although the club began back in 2012 as a local club, comprising mainly amateur athletes, today the club boasts more than 150 federated participants from around the world, setting a clear example of the way in which professional and amateur sport can exist and evolve together in a single organisation.

The Ferrer Hotels Sports Club focuses on three disciplines – athletics, triathlon and mountain races with 60, 90 and 12 sports men and women respectively. They compete in events on a weekly basis, notching up constant victories. The club’s goals and values are rooted in the following principles:

  • Support for local and national sport
  • Sport and its values as a way of life
  • Awareness of the social role sport plays
  • Financial backing for social progress from private enterprise
  • Promoting our brand whilst benefitting all

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