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Powerman Mallorca

By Ferrer Hotels

  • 23 feb 2019
    17 feb 2018

Powerman Mallorca:

In its first edition, POWERMAN MALLORCA was chosen by the Balearic Triathlon Federation (FETRIB) as a BATTLE OF BALEARICS OF LONG DISTANCE DUATLÓN in 2016. By 2017, the organization has requested it again. We will inform you.

To encourage the registration of Balearic athletes to the CLASSIC test (the one of greater distance), the organization Powerman Spain again offers to all the FEDRADOS of the FETRIB special prices (chip not included). If you have your daily Balearic license, inform it when you register and the special rate will apply to the Classic. SIGN UP HERE

About Powerman

Powerman is the most recognized Duathlon brand in the world. It is owned and managed by IPA, International Powerman Association, and brings together the best duathletes on the planet both professionals and amateurs of all ages. Although the format of the duathlon, Run-Bike-Run, is simpler than that of Triathlon, it is, however, a test that increasingly has more followers who want to prove themselves and overcome their physical limits.

Powerman, has been consolidated as the most followed long distance Duathlon test: 10km Run, 60km Bike and 10km Run. In addition, for athletes who start in the duathlon also offers a test of short distance or sprint of 5km Run, 30km Bike and 5km Run. And for the most intrepid and prepared, Powerman offers an Ultra Distance test: 10km Run, 120 Bike and 20km Run.

Since 1997, ITU has chosen the Zofingen Powerman test in Switzerland as the Duathlon World Championship and from then until today, the Duathlon World Championship has been held continuously in this same city by the ITU and IPA. In this world championship of Zofingen is celebrated a unique race with distances of 10km Run, 150km Bike and 30km Run.

International Powerman Association (I.P.A.)

Non-Profit Organization
Governed by the civil code of the Swiss Laws
Organizer of High Level Long Distance Duathlon
Powerman is the brand of all events
IPA promotes Duathlon worldwide
Collaborate with ETU = European Triathlon Union
Collaborate with ITU = International Triathlon Union
What is a Duathlon?

Run - Bike - Run

More and more people start and "hook" the running.
More and more people are fond of the bike.
This profile of sportsman, increasingly combines both sports.
They are easy to practice sports and in groups so they are part of free time activities and hobbies exponentially between today's society.
The running-bike combination is proven to be entertaining and attracts the practitioner.
The combination of both sports prevents injuries.
They are sports both of mass, they summon a great number of participants.
It is an expanding potential market.
What is Powerman?

81% of short distance duathletes consider the Powerman as the "Duathlon race of the world".
88% say winning a Powerman has great Prestige for their discipline.
Women and men are treated in the same way.
We organize careers for participants of all ages: from 8 to 88 years.
Security and Medical Care guaranteed in all our careers.
Combining a powerful international brand with a national organizer and a destination of great appeal as Mallorca at National and International level is a great opportunity for lovers of these 2 sports.
Powerman Classification System

World Ranking System Rules: Rotation System
All points of the races of the last 12 months accumulate
The same race counts for the Ranking once
After each race the ranking is updated
The last race of the Series is the Powerman World Championship in Zofingen
No uniform specifications



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